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Our Aerial Videographers in Tampa will provide amazing video of your property, sporting event, or wedding

Aerial Photographers TampaOur name is Tampa Aerial Media, however we have shot aerials from Maine to the Florida Keys and from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Skyway Bridge.   Our aerial videographers in Tampa are FAA certified,  providing Cinema-Grade Aerial Videos for Real Estate, Promotions, and Events.  All 4 of our pilots have graduated from a UAS Safety Course at St Petersburg Junior College.  The advantage with us is, we can combine aerial video with very high-end ground level DSLR & hand-held stabilizers to create a cinematic style video.  We have worked full time for over 20 years in the Photography & Video field, therefore are very skilled in editing.  Unlike most aerial video companies, we are not hobbyist playing with drones.   This is our full-time business, and have a proven track record serving major corporations such as Lockheed Martin, YMCA, & AIN Group to name a few.  We have been featured in Tampa Bay Times as well as our video at bottom “Tampa, City in Motion” shown on ABC Action News.  Our UAVs create high-resoution crystal-clear images and video for use on websites, television, or printed marketing materials.  We are also skilled in using social media to market your business.

Rates can vary depending various factors,  view our rates here.

Our drones have been used in a variety of functions.  A aerial video of your real estate listing will easily pay for itself.  We can also provide a video walk-through with hand held stabilize that will allow you to practically do a “open-house” without taking up any of your time.  In todays market, customer desire to do as much shopping online as they can and therefore your property will have an advantage.   See our aerial videos of weddings used with or without ground level cameras.  We also provide our drones for electrical & cell tower inspections providing a safe alternative for tower maintenance.  Our aerial videographers in Tampa would be happy to serve you.  Contact us below with any questions, or email is at  We always respond very quickly.

Aerial Tour of Clearwater Beach from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.

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