Vibrant, Beautiful, and Colorful VERMONT

I had always dreamed of filming the New England States in the fall, however, being that we also have a wedding business in Florida to run, October is the busiest month of the year, and made it so it was impossible for me to ever get away in the Fall.  However with the Covid Pandemic, I saw my opportunity.  Weddings had already start to resume in Florida, so we still had weddings going on, but wasn’t the massive amount of weddings that we normally have to deal with.  There was a huge amount of planning.  There is so much in Vermont, and also the weather had to cooperate.  One of the greatest shots was the pic on left from the GoPro on top of truck of setting sun peaking through clouds and trees.  Typical of what we were dealing with the sun would play hide and seek quite abit.

We allowed for about 5 days of filming, knowing that it could be cloudy for part of the time.  We generally had decent weather, enough to do a good video.  At times it was borderline, partly cloudy.  On the 5th day it did start to get cloudy, so prevented filming the southeast part of the state in Brattleboro.  So I decided to use most of that day to get in position for filming New Hampshire.  While in New Hampshire, we had a youtube subscriber who suggested to film Lake Willoughby in the Northeast Kingdom.

I realized in the hurry up prep for the trip I had failed to put Lake Willoughby on the list, and it is probably the most impressive part of the Northeast Kingdom.  So on the way from New Hampshire to Maine, I looped back to Lake Willoughby to film it.  Of the 3 videos we did in New England, this one had to be edited on the road which is always a challenge.  So on a cloudy day in New Hampshire, while at a campground, I was editing the Vermont video, as well as finding times at the end of each day to finish up the editing as it took several hours.  I was pleased how it turned out.