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Real Estate Photographers 3D Virtual Tours

Our Real Estate Videographers Utilize 360 Video Technology, Stabilizers and Drones to Help to Sell your Property

Real-Estate-Photographers-Tampa-2Our Real Estate Videographers in Tampa can use traditional stabilizers, 360 degree cameras, or aerial footage with drones.  We have shot home tours from St Pete Beach to Clearwater Beach to Land O’ Lakes to Plant City.  Our Real Estate Photographers in Tampa can use traditional high resolution photos or create a virtual tour with our 3D technology that will allow the viewer to move the camera.  Our videographers & photographers service Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties.   We can also do the narration if you would like as well.  See our rates below.

360 Video and Photography is the ultimate experience and marketing tool for Real Estate and other promotional purposes.  Our 360 Videographers and Photographers in Tampa will allow your viewers to immerse themselves in an engaging experience of your property.  It gives the customer the choice to see what they want to see.  Increase your appeal with Millenials and those of the next generation by using 360 technology.  They have grown up with this technology in gaming & entertainment so are therefore attracted by it.  In a traditional video or photo shoot, the viewer is completely at the mercy of the camera operator, and therefore a prospective client can feel like “they are not seeing the whole picture” or “what is this business  or realator not showing”.  In 360 video the viewer is the one in control and will be more at ease because they are seeing “the whole picture”.  They are more likely to feel that they are “not being forced down a particular path”, and thus might be more open to buying your product, service, or property.  Some of the worlds biggest compannies, such as McDonalds & General Motors are starting to use 360 degree technology, so why don’t you, and get a edge on our competition.  If you are viewing on a phone or smart device you simply move your device in the direction that you want to see.

Real-Estat-Photographers-Tampa360 degree Photography is ideal for Real Estate.  We can provide home tours with Photos that allow a 3D virtual tour of your property, exploring all angles with the same experience as using google street video.  360 video operates slightly differently, where the viewer cannot move to location of the camera, however the viewer can see 360 degrees around the camera.  We, therefore,  will shoot short segmented shots in different locations so that the whole property will be seen in a 2-7 minute video. For realators, we can also add social media graphics to bring attention to your facebook, instagram, or YouTube pages.  We can embed pop-up tags to highlight key features of the space with motion graphics.  If you want a traditional tour of your property, we use 4k  DSLR cameras with stabilizers.  We also can use high end cordless mics that will allow you to provide narration for the tour.

We also have gained national recognition for our aerial work as well using drones.  We have been hired to shoot aerials from California to New York with our sister company Tampa Aerial Media.  We have been featured in the Tampa Tribune, CNN headline news for our aerial work.  We can combine our aerial footage with the traditional real estate video tours which will show the advantages of the location of the property.

360 Videographers and Photographers in TampaWe will edit and encode your video in a way which will be optimized for Youtube, Vimeo, Zillow, Facebook, or any other website.

We always shoot all of our Real Estate Videos in 4k.  It is fully edited with motion graphics, music, and/or naration.  Whether it is our 360 technology, or drones, or stabilizers, don’t just use a company that has this type of equipment, but use a company that knows how to use it.   If you are interested in using our Real Estate Videographers in Tampa, as well as our Panoramic Photography to create breathtaking and fully controllable 3D Tours,  please use the contact form to the right with any questions.  We always respond very quickly.

                                                    360 Video & Photography Rates
360 degree video (1hr of service) fully edited with motion graphics, voice-over (if needed), and music $595
360 degree video covering a wedding or other event up to 3 hours of Service $595
360 photography 3D Tour of Property up to 2,500 Square Feet $595
360 photography 3D Tour of Property 2,500 Suare Feet to 5,000 Square Feet $795
360 photography 3D Tour of Property 5,000 Square Feet to 7,000 Square Feet $995
                                        Traditional Video & Photography Rates  
Traditional Real Estate Video Tour – DSLR Cameras & Stabilizers (includes Drone) $595
Traditional Real Estate Photography using HDR techology to 60 minutes of Service $395
                                                                     Aerial Video Rates  
3-5 minute Aerial Video fully edited with Music, Graphics, and Effects (add ground level video for $100) $495
Wedding or Event Aerial Coverage up to 3 hours of Service (add Go Pros for ceremony for $50) $695
Aerial Unedited Footage $300