Destin – An Emerald Coast Getaway

March 21, 2022 3:18 pm Published by Comments Off on Destin – An Emerald Coast Getaway

We had originally planned to filmed Destin in December of 2020, but due to me getting a cold, and with the temperatures being lower in December, I had changed at last minute to filme Anna Maria Island.  It worked out great, because Anna Maria Island has been one of our best videos in records to views and income, and to film Destin in the winter, it just wouldn’t have been nothing like what it is in the summer.  While yes, you do have to deal with the crowds, there is so much more going on, much better for renting a boat like we did.  Because of drone restrictions we couldn’t fly a drone in Destin, so I used a boat to chase down all the boat tours, and it really worked excellent, I think in probably gaved me better footage than I wouldn’t have had with a drone.  Also used a helicopter for the first time, which also worked out great, allows us to get higher up than we could have done with the drone.  In the 8 months since this video we have used a helicopter on 3 other videos.

When we had filmed Panama City Beach a year ago, our followers had reccomended Seaside, where The Truman Show was filmed.  I had never seen the Truman Show, so I quickly, watched it over and over, to try to develop a theme that would fit with our video of Destin.  In Destin I happen to catch a sax player during sunset, and it allowed me to make a really good teaser with sax music.



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