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Our most profitable and most viewed video to date was our early 2020 video of The Florida Keys, however we have inproved greatly with our videos in the last 2 years so I was determined to go back to the keys to make a high quality video, and to correctly pronounce “Conch”, something I got beat up on youtube quite a bit and deservedly so.  Unlike the first video, instead of just showing the outside of venues, we go into the places of interest, swim with the dolphins, ride the boat rides, eat at the waterside restaurants.  There was so much to film that we decided to make a separate video for Key West, so much to show.  We also start to show the equipment we used with Amazon Affiliate links, where we receive a small portion of the sales to help us pay for the expenses of filming this video.  We will only advertise items that we use and trust.  Below are the items mentioned in this video.

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