Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and the Smoky Mountains

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This video we shot 2 weeks after the Ashevile Video.  We were determined to really make this video good.  After seeing many of the videos of Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge which we not really good, technically speaking, videos, yet had alot of views, we knew there was a lot of potential.   On this video we paid to actually go into many of the attractions, the mountain Coasters, to give a view from the inside as well.  As a result it turned into one of our most profitable videos of the year, and quickly became the #1 video of Gatlinburg on you tube.  We also live the more free spirit of the Tennesse Side of the Smokies, compared to the area around Asheville.  A totally different atmosphere.  Many who live in Asheville seem to be very critical of the area, whereas the people in Tennessee are more proud of not only their region, but also of the country.  This was shot during a time of unrest in our country with the riots,  as well as the Covid Pandemic, so it was a great retreat, away from the negative news, to be around people that just want to live life to the fullest. See the description of this Gatlinburg – Pigeon Forge video on Youtube for the links, addresses, of all the places of interest we feature in this video.


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