St Petersburg, FL – Licensed to Chill

April 5, 2021 6:21 pm Published by Comments Off on St Petersburg, FL – Licensed to Chill

We had planned to do St Petersburg in March of 2021 once the new pier was opened, but Covid changed all that, so we put it on our todo list for a later date.  In August I decided to look to see when the Pier was going to be open and discovered that the pier had opened quietly while we were up in Michigan.  A St Petersburg Video was long over do with us, so was excited to finally film it, and being an easy drive for us being in the Tampa Bay Area.  Seeing the look of the pier, to be honest, was not all that impressed, however when we arrived on property was very impressed with what the city did.  It is a real nice large green space area, and very wide covers a big area, really a nice area to hang out.

Downtown St Petersburg provides what Downtown Tampa does not have.  The two cities are a great compliment to each other.  Downtown St Petersburg is more Artsy, has many more restaruants with outdoor seating, and multiple parks.  While having been a resident of the Bay Area for 30 years, I learned many things about St Petersburg I didn’t not know, and can see why people have a love for this side of the Bay.

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