Tallahassee Land of Seminoles, Rattlers, & Sprawling Oaks

April 5, 2021 5:22 pm Published by Comments Off on Tallahassee Land of Seminoles, Rattlers, & Sprawling Oaks

This wasn’t a planned video, therefore is not a full feature like our normal videos.  We were contacted by someone on our way back from Michigan, who requested footage of Tallahassee and seeing there wasn’t many quality videos of Florida, we adjusted our route slightly and the weather was good, so spent a afternoon filming Florida’s Capitol City.  Perhaps we will go back and do a full feature like what we did in Jacksonville.  This Florida is different from South Florida, you see many oak trees that you do not see in other parts of Florida.  Ofcoarse this is largely a college town  with 2 major colleges, Florida State and Florida A & M being in the city, so that was a big focus of this video.

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