Clearwater Beach in 4K

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Aerial Photographers Clearwater BeachIn this video of Clearwater Beach we feature 9 resorts, the Clearwater Aquarium, and Yacht Starship. Clearwater Beach dazzles with impeccable beaches and inviting waters. It was named by Trip Advisor in 2016 as America’s best beach. You can see weddings from most of these resorts here, Clearwater Beach Weddings.

1.We start with the closest resort to Pier 60, the Hilton Clearwater Beach.

2.The Opal Sands which opened in 2016 has one of the most impressive modern architecture .

3.One of the most noticeable landmarks of Clearwater Beach as you are approaching the beach is the pink Hyatt Regency, although not on the beach side the 16th floor sky terrace as one of the best views of Clearwwater Beach.

Wyndham Grand

4.The newest which opened in early 2017 is the Wyndham Grand. The Wyndahm Grand is the closest to Clearwater Marina, so if you want to enjoy clearwter beach on one of the sightseeing boats like the Yacht Starship 4, this resort is ideal. Yacht Starship Dining Cruises .

5.On the northside of Clearwater Beach about .7 mile from Pier 60 is the Sandpearl Resort.

6.If you want to enjoy Clearwater Beach but stay in a hotel that is a little less crowded, Sand Key has a couple of resorts. The Clearwater Beach Marriott on Sandkey sits on the Intracoastal Waterway and has a gift shot that has some of the best fresh ice cream. It is a quick fun Jolley Trolley ride from the center of Clearwater Beach .

Marriott Sand Key

7.Across from the Marriott next to Sand Key Beach is the Sheraton Sand Key.

8.Just over the Sand Key Bridge is the Shephards Beach Resort  and 9. Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach.  Both of these resorts are very poplular for weddings with the Holiday Inn having a separate building for their Duval Ballroom.

10. Any stay in Clearwater Beach has to include the Clearwater Marine Aquarium , where you will find Winter the Dolphin, star of the movie Dolphin Tale. Winter who swims with a prosthetic tale and the movie about its triumphs has struck a chord with adults and children who identify with the young dolphin’s struggles. With Clearwater Beach attractions such as these, fine restaurants and family-friendly lodgings, as well as exciting beach activities, Clearwater Beach’s many options it is no wonder Clearwater Beach was named by trip advisor in 2016 as America’s best beach.

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