Daytona Beach – New Smyrna, Ponce Inlet, Ormand Beach

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Daytona Beach’s motto is “The Worlds Most Famous Beach”, and yes at one time it probably once was.  It is alittle like Jacksonville in that it has many positives, but seems like the city planners could have done many things better.  Although it may be in its post glory years, there are still many positives to the area.  New Smyrna Beach is a highly reviewed beach.  Ponce Inlet has a small town village feel to it, a great place to spend the weekend.  The center of Daytona Beach around the pier just seems like there is something missing.  It really needs a Ferris Wheel, or a big lighted sky ride like it used to have.

What Daytona’s biggest claim to fame now, is the biggest race in Nascar, The Daytona 500.  We show the Daytona One shopping and entertainment area.  There are signs that Daytona Beach does have some good plans in the future, so hopefully it will return as a more popular beach.  I look at Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale a tale of two cities.  Both at one time where the 2 Florida Beaches known as the place to go.  Fort Lauderdale made a decision to diversify itself as more than just a “spring break destination” while Daytona Beach didn’t seem to have much “forward thinking”.  Even so this can be a great place to visit.  It is not as crowded as some of the other Florida East Coast Beaches, and also things are not as expensive.

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