Why Use a Realtor When Purchasing a New Home From a Home Builder

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Should you use a Realtor to buy a new home from a builder?

The great answer is yes! In many countries, homebuilders encourage Realtor to sell their new homes. However, the real estate agent must be with you on your first visit to the site.

Because the site salesperson is representing the builder, not you! This disclosure is in the sales contract which you will be required to sign, acknowledging that you have no representation. Most home builders have pledged themselves to a ‘Single Price Policy’, which means that their published prices shall be the same whether sold by the builder or a real estate agent. You will not pay more when you use your own Realtor to represent you.

Additionally, the Realtor will represent you and their primary responsibility is to protect you and your interests. They can give you unbiased information on neighborhoods, schools, nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment.
Did you know the advertised price is not always the final price?

Depending on market conditions, new home prices are often times negotiable. This is even truer today because of the changing market conditions of the last year or so. Realtor must turn inventory and they are increasingly more flexible than ever.
Want slate countertops or marble floor tile for free?

Hiring an experienced Realtor, one who has a successful track record, can help negotiate a better price, discounted upgrades, and more. In actuality, upgrades are not free, but it is possible, with a good negotiator, to get a lot of them thrown in as an incentive.
Realtors Can Help!

Realtors can guide you to finding the perfect home just for you. By using a process that is very intentional and proactive, Realtors are able to fine-tune their searches to enable us to find the home most suited to your needs.

You are moving to a new city. If you’re moving to a location that you aren’t familiar with, it’s usually a wise idea to get the assistance of a Realtor for finding your home. Your Realtor will be able to answer questions about the different neighborhoods as well as let you know about its proximity to schools, public transportation, and area things-to-do. These things can take a while to research on your own so you may save time (and heartache) by using a Realtor.

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, let someone that isn’t emotionally attached does the negotiating. In a Realtor’s experience, they will be able to get better results from a new home builder salesperson negotiation session than you, by yourself, and un-armed. Your Realtor, on the other hand, comes fully prepared with neighborhood selling trends and statistics, an un-emotional and un-attached attitude, and the ability to walk away. Do yourself a favor and make use of this free service!

Hiring a Realtor will not only save you money, they will help provide you peace of mind too. Give one a call today

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